Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anybody out there????

Watercoloring is one of my favorite stamping techniques. I taught myself, like I learn alot of things, by trial and error, mostly error! The stamped image is from Art Impressions and is not one that I own. It belongs to a friend. I love swapping stampies with my pals! It is so much fun to share your stamps, since they can be an investment. Since coloring this fella, though, I have decided that I do need a scarecrow in my collection of stamps.
Back to the original question.... is anyone out there? I catch all kinds of heck for not blogging for a couple weeks and now that I am back where did you all go? I am sure that everyone is just busy getting ready for Turkey Day!
Take care!


Anonymous said...

alright, alright! i can take a hint! your BS2 has been lax lately, i must admit, but only because i feel sooooooo lazy at this time of year! i guess that is because there is lots to be done. i don't usually procastinate, but......loved the cards! BS2

CB from BG said...

Nope - you are not talking to an empty cyber-space. I check your blog each day I am at work too.
I took great support from your blog last week. I am REALLY deliquent on my Christmas card making too. So after reading Bab's blog on all she has done, I was really feeling defeated. But after reading your post, I realized maybe it was just not me this year spinning my wheels (aka sleigh)?!
I have so many gifts to make, cards to do, etc that I was lost in a funk. But you helped me snap outta it!