Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just a quick post to let you all know I am still here. We got a new to us computer thanks to our friend Joop! Thanks Joop! It is WAYYYYYY faster than the old one! (Thanks Joop!) and it has more programs on it! (THANKS JOOP!)
I am busy preparing for the Camp Crop on Saturday. We have 50, yes, I said FIFTY scrapbookers registered. Please say a prayer in hopes that all goes well.
I can't believe it snowed today... I guess we are due, it is November and it is Pennsylvania. I can tell that winter is here. My poor hands dried right up and are bleeding in spots. (Gross, I know) I am up for any home remedies, cures, old wives tales, that you have for dry hands. My DH just loves it when I slather on an inch of hand cream and put socks on my hands at bedtime... it is just so darn sexy... that and my sweatpants tucked into my socks... that is to keep him from putting his cold feet on me. I know, probably waaayyyyyy to much info for you all.
Let a comment to let me know you haven't given up on me and your remedy to cure these dry hands... Hopefully I will see you on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

we would never give up on you, Missy!! and did you ever try aloe vera for your hands?? see you at the CROP!.....BS2

Dee said...

Joop says, you are so welcome Missy!! He loves you, you know.

We can never say "Thank You" enough for all you do for us. Hey...... what are friends for?

Crop was great, even if I was so sick I could hardly keep up. I did get several pages done.

Hope to see more of you online.

Love ya, Dee

Anonymous said...

Your crop was fantastic! My group had a great time. Thanks so much for all the work you put into it.
Have you tried Neutrogena for your hands? Not that big lotion-like bottle. The stuff that comes in a tiny tube? It looks like not-so-much for your money but you only need a dab of it.
My Mom's friend works with diesel engines and it is the only thing that heals the dryness and acid burns.
Good luck and Thanks again!
Tina of the Bedford girls