Friday, January 26, 2007

My Mess!

How is that for a pile of pictures!?! That is my stack of photos, some organized, some not. Some scrapped already, some not. Some not even printed yet, still stuck on a CD. Some really just need weeded out, since they are truly not scrap worthy, unrecognizable, blurry, or one of a million pictures of the floor, my foot or the ceiling. Others need to be given to the people in them, since they were taken with that intention. My other little secret is an entire drawer full of negatives, completely unorganized! That is a whole other blog post though. Confession is good for the soul, right?

One of those boxes has pictures from two trips to National Youth Conference in Colorado. One of those boxes has my wedding pictures in it. (Bad scrapper, I will be married five years this year and I have only scrapped two wedding photos.) Another of those boxes is full of Camp Harmony and District Youth Choir and retreat events. The pink box has my husband's pictures in it. (Yeah I know, pink? What was I thinking?!) The basket is the catch all for pictures found here and there or after a project is completed and I am too lazy to find the envelope that the leftovers belong in.

Could be an interesting project for a cold snowy weekend. (Doubtful, but a nice thought!)