Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Goose eggs and New shoes...

I was going to post about my presents from my dear friend Dee today, but since I forgot to take my SD card with me with the photo I will save it for another day.

Today's topic is goose eggs and new shoes (both of which are causing me some pain today!) The new shoes are a necessity since my old faithful Faded Glory brown leather clogs that form fit to me feet like they were made on a mold of my foot have ABSOLUTELY NO TREAD on the bottom as well as a crack on the sole big enough that if the ground is wet I get a wet sock. So I purchased a new pair of shoes, comfortable shoes. Atleast that is what I thought they were in the store. So I am breaking them in, and hoping that it isn't a long process. The first day I wore them all day. BIG mistake. Yesterday I wore them all of the day, but I worked a short shift. Today I switched to my old faithful clogs at lunch. My feet are so thankful tonight!

Now, moving on to goose eggs. Yeah, I have one on the top of my head. Go figure, graceful human that I am. LOL! That is what I get for taking out the ash buckets in anger. Love my old house. Love my warm (and cheap, $60/ton) coal heat. Really don't like that tending the furnace requires me to get dressed and go outside to get to the cellar which has a ceiling so low that my short Mom would have to duck to walk under it. Had to dump an ash bucket today and was a little perturbed about that, darn it if I didn't whack my noggin on the doorframe on the way back into the cellar. I said some words that I would have to bleep out if I want to keep my blog G-rated. (It is ok, you can laugh at the mental picture, if I wasn't so personally involved in it I would be cracking the Stooges!) Lucky I didn't knock myself out or wind up on my bum. Saw stars, shed a few tears and went on about my business.

All is well with the world. Thanks so much everyone for leaving comments! I feel so special! They go directly to my email box and it is wonderful to get such nice emails! Also wanted to let you know, if you haven't already tried it, when you click on the posted pictures they will open up in another window BIG!

So tomorrow more Christmas gifts....MMMMM... CHOCOLATE ONES!