Saturday, January 27, 2007

40 Techniques!

What an awesome little book! It is called Stacy and Friends : 40 Techniques for Making Cards. It is published by Paper Crafts magazine. An absolute powerhouse of card making ideas! Best of all it has a spiral bound top and a back cover that tents so that it stands up on its own on your table top so you can read and refer to the detailed instructions and pictures for each fun creative technique! It has sections on Embossing, Stamping, Aging and Inking, Creative Backgrounds, Color and Shine, Do It Yourself Embellishments, and Unique Additions. There are great ideas for bleaching, UTEE, and metal embossing. There is also a bonus CD with it that features another 40 projects! I found it to be quite the bargain at $20!

I purchased this book at Art Tech in Greensburg, PA. They are a fantastic scrapbook/ rubberstamping/ paper crafting/ artist supply store. The best part of the store though is the staff! Helpful beyond belief! Full of unique crafty ideas. Experienced in it as well. They can show you the project, explain how to do it, and send you on your way with all of the products to do it!

I will tell you though, that if you go there, be prepared for total sensory overload! The store space is tiny and there is product everywhere! It is hard for two people to stand on both sides of the same aisle, so claustrophobics beware. You will have to probably walk around it at least three times to see everything and then you will make a fourth trip and see that you missed something, and then it will hit you that you could spend a week in that small room and still not see everything!