Thursday, January 18, 2007

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love It!!!

As promised, these are my gifts from my dear friends Dee and Joop.Caramel Chocolate Sticks... Belgian chocolate creamy smooth flavorful with sweet caramel in the center!

Dee's husband, Joop, is from Holland and it is fun to try things that he likes from there. The Stroopies are a wafer like cookie (think pizzelle) with a sweet syrupy filling in between them. Dee and Joop told me that you are supposed to put it over your cup of coffee in the morning and let it get warmed by the steam. Tried it! Loved it! YUMMY! (Little Dutch Girl, Spring TX)

Best for last! The Sprinkles! These are not those tasteless brown colored jimmies that we know here in America. These are real delicious DARK chocolate bits of heaven! I like to pour them straight out of the box into my hand and eat them straight. They are also pretty good on toast, ice cream and brownies!There was also a chocolate champagne bottle, long gone and some rich hot cocoa, as well that just didn't make it to the photo shoot! Thanks Dee and Joop for taking care of my chocolate tooth!

Dee has been my dear friend for over 20 years now. We celebrate our friendship anniversary every Labor Day weekend at the Fall Harvest Gospel Music Festival. After 20 years of friendship I could probably write about us everyday for a year and still have things to tell. Lets see if I can condense it down ... road trips, graduations, summer camp, festivals, diets, weddings, births, deaths, grandchildren, husbands, always lots of food and laughter ... hope we have 20+20+20 more years!

Dee had knee replacement surgery this Monday. Please keep her in your prayers for a speedy and complete recovery! Love ya!