Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just a few random thoughts for today!

I hope that today doesn't set the tone for the year for my husband's fire and ambulance service! They are not the busiest company in the county, I am thankful for that since it means that people are not wrecking their cars, being sick or hurt or losing their home or business in a fire. That being said... They had 4 calls today!! They can go weeks with out a call and then have a day like this one. God Bless all of our volunteer firefighters and medics. They willingly give their time and talents to serve those in need no matter what the time of day or circumstance. They spend hours and evenings and weekends being trained and practicing just in case they are needed. The next time you see a blue light in your rear-view mirror pull on over and let them by, they could be on the way to help someone you love! (OK... Let me step down off my soap box...)

Next on the agenda... Chuck E. Cheese.
We had a guest pass and thought we would take the kids there this afternoon. Let me say that I work in one of the craziest places on earth (Wal-mart) and it is absolute bliss compared to CEC today. That place was chaos! Pandemonium! Ear piercing loud! NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN! We should have gone with our original plan to go to the movies... peaceful and dark and smelling like butter!

Final thought... I love a good deal and boy did I get a few today! Michael's Christmas clearance was marked 90% off taday. WOOOHOOOO!!!! I got some blank holiday note cards 8 in a pack with pretty colored envelopes for 10 cents, some holiday ribbon spools for 19 cents, huge rub ons 39 cents, and some regular clearance deals like spiral bound journals for $1. Plus I have been building up my stash of Cuttlebug embossing plates with Joann's coupons. I have some really neat ones that I will be sharing in the near future! (How's that for a teaser to get you to check back in a day or so!)


Anonymous said...

i love this blogging business! hope you don't get tired of me responding to everything!maybe you could have a class on how to be scrap-conscious when shopping!