Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Speaking of Ho's...LOL!

Yes, I am a ribbon ho... there I said it. I know it, I love it, I embrace it. I can't stay away from the $1 ribbon bins, the cut by the yard displays or the spools of holiday themed satins and grosgrain. I am not looking for a twelve set program to quit, but if anyone has a great twelve step program to organize it all put me in contact! Seriously, I do love the ribbon, but a lot of what I bought this round is for card crop goodie bags! (WINK! WINK!)
Some other irresistibles... those darn $1 acrylic stamps. They just keep jumping into my shopping basket and coming home with me. Pesky little things!
On the home front, there is hot water at the Homestead as of yesterday morning. Thank goodness! There is also a mountain of dishes to wash.... I haven't yet trained them to wash themselves.
Take care!


Ewokgirl said...

I confess to being a ribbon ho, too. I have an obscene number of ribbon spools. Even if I never use all of them, I just like looking at them!

Where do you find $1 acrylic stamps?! Those are always around $14 or so around here!