Saturday, April 26, 2008

Have you checked out Heart & Home??

This great magazine used to be called Homegrown Hospitality, but it got a make-over. It is full of cute and fun paper and crafty projects. It took me forever to find a copy of it, finally got it at JoAnn's in Greensburg. There are ideas for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, reunions and other special events. You can get the inside info on the next issue due to hit the stands in a few weeks at Homegrown Hospitality, Stephanie is the inspiration behind the magazine.
Above are some of the bargains I got over the weekend at Michael's in Washington, PA. Journals for altering for 50 cents a piece and note cards for 50 cents as well. The note cards were purchased primarily for the pretty colored envelopes. The note cards I may use as card bases, just because the envies are about 1/4 inch smaller than a standard invitation envelope so I would have to remember to make the cards smaller anyway and I hate to just throw them away. So 10 card bases with envelopes for 50 cents was a deal I couldn't pass up.
The latest crisis at the Holbrook Homestead is a leaking pipe above the hot water heater. Not the best or most fun thing to have happen. Hopefully we will be back in business by tomorrow. Dad, DH and baby Brother will be hard at work fixing it right up.
Just one other little detail... today was the start of Chicken BBQ season for us. The Hooversville 4-H club had theirs today. Next week is the Central City Boy Scout troop. I have to say that my Dad and Brother make some of the BEST chicken you will find in these parts. So if you want to give it a try just drop me a line and I will get you fixed up with some tickets. I am kind of bummed myself. I usually don't buy a ticket because there are usually extras available. Well, long story short, they sold out, so no chicken for me!
Until later, Take care!


Anonymous said...

hi Missy!~
i love, love that magazine! i just hope they still publish in 2009; she has a lot of great ideas in there.
i can smell that chicken already! is that on the menu for our carding bee????????? see you Sunday..............BS2

Babs said...

Fancy Schmanzy! Love it! Don't you love those Michael's bargains!