Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Friends are the BEST!
I think I have finally recovered from the Camp Crop. We had a great turnout, 54 Women came to scrap with us and it was sooo much fun! We ate food all day, did some really cute make and takes, played games,shopped for new stuff, drank sweet tea that *might* be as good as McDonald's, and hopefully got lots of scrapbook pages done! Thank you ladies for making the event a success. I am not sure yet what our project is going to be for the money we made. Camp has several needs and we will have to check with them about what is most urgent.
Of course some of the door prize items we had ordered arrived UPS on Monday... so we have a head start on the Fall crop door prizes.
Now about my friends being sooooo wonderful.... these lovely items were given to me by my BS2, Sharon and my Chicksa, Jody. Sharon's (above) is a tent with HERSHEY KISSES in it! How cool is that! I just wonder how everyone knows about my chocolate addiction??? I think that they would make the most adorable favors for graduation or wedding or baby or Mother's day or Father's day or... are you getting my idea here??? LOL! Sharon did a make and take for the crop as well. She made her tea bag holder cards and her class filled up and overflowed! Thanks again Sharon!
Jody, my chicksa... she is my friend AND she introduced me to my DH, Ken. She altered this gift journal for me in my most favorite color of course! The inside is so neat too, there is a page for each person. You can list their birthdays, other special dates, things they like and dislike, sizes, gift ideas, and then on the opposite page you list the date, occasion and the gift that you gave to them. I just love it!
So now that I am recovered from the crop weekend, we are moving full speed ahead to this weekend. I am going to Jody's for the weekend to work on her daughter Jessie's scrapbook. The goal is to scrapbook like CRAZY and get her book done (birth to graduation) in time for her graduation party. Jody worked her butt off for me at the crop on Saturday. She was the sweet tea maker and the brownie baker this time! I am just happy to be able to return the favor!
Until next time, Take care!


Anonymous said...

Let me clarify one thing...
The sweet tea WAS BETTER than Mickey D's! I should know. I drank about 3 gallons of it (ask my friends at my table)! They were about to "cut me off" just before I left for home! You rock Jody - that tea is fantastic! And YOU ROCK too Missy! Awesome crop! I didn't even do anything and had fun! That says it all right there! Have fun scrapping this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Lizzy-It was a WONDERFUL, best'est crop! You always do such a great job. The food, the space, the prizes, everything was great. Thanks again!
Barb-I tried to post on your blog but I am not registered & couldn't figure out how to do anonymous. We (Bedford girls) were tickled to be blogged about :-)

Sharon said...

Missy, you did it was a great crop! now i am anxiously awaiting the carding bee and fall's can never have tooooooo many crops!

Mrs.Conn2 said...

Hey Missy, I am bummed I couldn't be at your crop; however, I am excited about the Carding the way, I started blogging (I gave into the peer pressure from you and Barb!). Check it out! And if those Bedford girls see this, you check it out too!