Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What can you do with a COCOA CAN?

Alter it of course!

This little can was covered with fall theme papers and stamps and ribbons. It is just the right size to fill with some sweet treats or party mix or whatever you like! I am thinking of "altering" those little peanut cans as well to make them match my holiday decor! Check out that handstamped tissue paper for inside too!

This card is my first attempt at a suspension card. The circle in the middle is an embossing punch from Around the Block. It punches and embosses the border around the word. This one says thanks. I used my "whale of a punch" circle punch to make the circle. The hole in the card is cut with a coluzzle circle template. The little circle punchie is suspended with some floss in the center of the hole. This was a pretty tool intensive card but it was fast and easy as well. People are quite impressed with the suspended punchie too! I found that it looks nice to put a contrasting color paper on the inside of the card too, so that the punchie stands out.
Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary... we are going out to dinner and since I haven't bought DH a gift yet, I am taking him to Harbor Frieght for some more tools... isn't that the traditional 5th anniversary gift, a brad nailer for your air compressor? I always thought the gift was something like Bind-it-all, but DH insists it is tools. LOL!!!
Take care!


Anonymous said...

love that can and card!!! i was going to get one of those punches, but they all went to St. Andrews and the rest are in RV, packed for this weekend. i might have to borrow yours, please!.later...BS2

Babs said...

Happy Anniversary! I love it- Bind it all for 5th Anniv! I think you are right! Hey you can't break tradition right!? :-)