Saturday, October 06, 2007

Today is.....

This here sweet little card is called a reverse pocket card. You can find instructions and explanation for it in the blog Mish Mash over on the sidebar of my page. Check her archive for September 25, 2007. Her card is a lot more fancied up compared to mine. I did decide to add a piece of twine at the top though, after I took the picture of it. The stamped image is an older one, watercolored and matted on some pumpkin pie colored cardstock.
I was thinking today, while we were driving home from Altoona, how beautiful the leaves are getting on the trees. It is sometimes a pain to be a one vehicle family, but I have to admit that I almost feel spoiled when I don't have to drive. I like the luxury of sitting in the passenger seat, helping navigate and enjoying the scenery.
Celebrate World Card Making Day! Make a card or two or three and drop them in the mail and make someone's day when they open the mailbox to find something other than junk or bills!
Take Care!