Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hello Friends!
Sorry for the big gap in blogging. It was a pretty rough week last week. We had many deaths of family and friends and I just wasn't feeling up to blogging. I hope to not have to go to a funeral home again for a very very long time. I have a picture of a sympathy card that I made many of last week, however Blogger is not cooperating with me to get it loaded up this evening. Maybe tomorrow.
Our computer also had to make a trip to Dr. Joop for some repair work. It was also near death last week and would not boot up past the ScanDisk screen so who knows what it has come down with. Keep your fingers crossed that it can receive a technical healing! I am just hopefull that my word files can be salvaged from it, I began collecting more recipes for my cookbook and I would hate to lose them.
There is some good news today! The crop registration is going very well and I am so thrilled about that! At last count I had 29 confirmed registrations and a total count of 39 with scrapbookers telling me they are going to come! Registrations are arriving every day! We have hashed out some of the details like the menu and we have actually booked the date for the spring event already.
YEAHHHH!!!! If you need more info about the crop please contact me at and I will get more info to you.
Take care, hopefully tomorrow I will have some pictures to post!