Sunday, October 07, 2007

Just a quick Sunday afternoon note to you all. I have been enjoying this beautiful weather so much!
I did not make a single card yesterday but I did check out many a blog for inspiration! I have lots of ideas swirling around in my head for cute little Hershey Nugget boxes, tags, gift labels, gift wrap and gift bags.... I love it when I have a bunch of ideas processing in my mind!
Drop me a line and let me know what you are working on!
My other project in the works is a guest book for my cousin Josh & Brianna's wedding in two weeks. It is getting to be crunch time on that one... I just want it to be perfect and I think that is why I am struggling with it so much! It will be done by the end of this week though, so I can get it to to groom to get it to the bride.
DH and I had a nice day on Friday. We drove to Altoona for his anniversary gift... a pneumatic brad nailer. Which in turn cleared several things off of his Honey-do List. I got my coffee table repaired and my kitchen shelf installed. I am still holding out though, I am going to get the Bind-it-all! Wooohoooo!
This evening DH is just worn out. He took a bus rescue class this weekend for his fire department. They had classroom time Saturday and then they cut up a school bus at the junk yard today. Being awake so early doesn't agree with him so right now he is snoring--oops make that snoozing (& snoring) on the couch.
We will see how I fair this week, I actually have a couple of daylight shifts, so I may need a nap!
Take Care!


Anonymous said...

Hi i found out about Camp Harmony through a lady i met at another scrapbook crop. Could you give me more info. about your upcoming crop.