Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wedding Cake

Made this wedding cake last night/today for a good friend from work. Wishing Lois and Robert many years of happiness! They had one of the nicest wedding receptions I have been to in a long time. All delicious homemade (by family) traditional Pennsylvania wedding food... pigs in the blanket, chicken, ham, rigatoni, corn, parsley potatoes, rolls, salad, wedding cake and TONS of cookies. Lois looked so pretty and I am very happy for her and Robert! I also have to say that they were very nice to each other when they cut the cake. It is so hard to watch couples smash the cake that you worked for two days to make. I just hate to see the bride's hair and make up get all messed up. Enough rambling of the cake decorator. Thanks to them for being so nice to each other.
Wedding cake days are so busy. I am glad that we are strictly a friends and family operation because I could not do this every weekend. Thank goodness, too that it is me and Mom working together to do this, wouldn't do it alone! Fresh cake is the best, one of the things that we always tell people is that their cake is fresh, never frozen, and rarely more than 24 hours old. This was my first "beach" theme cake and I was quite pleased with how it turned out.