Monday, June 11, 2007

City Kid or Country Boy?

Travis seems to have adjusted to country life very quickly this summer. He is having a great time with the baby goats. These are some pictures of feeding time. All of three pregnant does have given birth and the final count is 7 baby goats total. (4 bucks, 3 does.... 2 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets.)
Trav was quite proud of himself, he was the first to find one of the babies after it was born. We are bottle feeding them, which is alot of work, but they are so much tamer when you do that. Trav also got his first pair of barn boots (black rubber boots) that you wear only to the barn, and never never ever bring into the house. You take them off on the porch and they stay outside. Like most of his other boy stuff they are covered in mud and pleasant! LOL!!
So, in my humble opinion we have a genuine country boy on our hands.


Anonymous said...

love those pictures of Travis!! he certainly looks like a genuine country kid! (no pun intended) the little goats are so adorable. it must be great to live where there is so much going on. hope you got your flowers planted..later, BS#2

Anonymous said...

Those baby goats are so cute! I am all to familiar with barn boots having a husband who grew up on a farm. We don't even live on a farm now and he still has barn boots! yuck! Enjoy the nice weather this week! BS #1