Friday, June 22, 2007

The Aroma of Brownies Baking.... MMMMM!

It is just cool enough outside that I could fire up the oven today and bake a little bit. Brownies with chocolate chips and caramel cups. I can barely wait to get them out of the oven! Yummmmmmmmmm-O!

A page I did a while back, just getting around to sharing it with you all. I still need to journal on it, but sometimes it is hard to find the right words. It is for Melanie's graduation book. Still plugging along at it. Here is a Mel newsflash! She is now a licensed driver, the proud owner of a PA Jr Driver's License... I haven't experienced being a passenger with her yet, can't wait for the opportunity!


Anyone watching the Starter Wife on USA network? I got hooked right off the bat from all of the cute little commercials for the show. It is funny and touching and a wee bit sarcastic, romantic and dramatic, too! Pretty good chick TV. I have been staying up late every Thursday to watch it since I am still at work during its normal time slot. Last night was the next to last episode. I am hoping to read the book that the show was based on, because they always say the book is better!


My other new TV show is Army Wives on Lifetime. Another good chick show about 4 army wives and 1 army husband and their lives and friendship. They have covered some really good issues in just the first 3 shows.
Last thing and then I am pulling those brownies out of the oven... Anyone thinking of Christmas yet? In a few short days we will be just 6 months from December 25th!
Take care!