Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How about a PURPLE LLAMA (or is it a camel?) to brighten your day?

Last week when I was having the really bad couple of days at work Kenny and Travis came to pick me up after a particularly horrible day. Kenny asked if I needed to do some shopping after work, and even though there was a ton of stuff that we needed I told him that I wasn't staying at the store one minute longer than I had to, so no shopping that night, I was going home. Travis at that point informed me that he had just the thing to cheer me up... They had gone for wings for dinner before coming for me and while they were waiting he played the claw machine until he won the above pictured just for me. He told me knew I would just love it, since it was purple....Um, Ok. Sooooo anywho, I named her Violet, and she is sitting on my scrap-desk to keep me company and remind me that a very special little guy spent more quarters than she is worth with the thought of making me happy, and you know what, every time I look at her she makes me smile! Great kid!


A couple of things... I got a flyer about a weekend crop at Camp Harmony for September 7,8, & 9. This is a Cherish*Crop*Cure event hosted by the ladies who did the crop at the Quality Inn, Somerset earlier this year. If you would like more information let a comment and I will put you in contact with the coordinator. I am planning to attend and do a few make and takes.
Since we no longer have a rubber stamp show in Pittsburgh, I have been checking to see if there are any ones near enough to make the trip worthwhile. There is one in Westminster, MD on Sept 22 & 23 (StampScrapArt Tour) and another one in York, PA on October 6 & 7 (Heirloom Productions) Just throwing out the idea of a road trip... any one interested?
If you are at your local Wal-mart this Saturday be sure to pick up your FREE "Speaking of Women's Health" book. It is a neat little book of stories and recipes and health related information. Also take advantage of all the FREE health screenings that are going to be available from 10 AM to 4 PM. If you are at my Wal-mart be sure to stop back and see me at my Scrapbook demo table!
Take care!


Anonymous said...

Awww Missy that purple little guy made me smile too! How sweet! And you know...for as mad as they can make you have a way of making you happy SO MANY times and always when you need it most. Hugs to him for being so thoughtful!