Sunday, July 06, 2008

I found these cards while looking for something else the other day. I made them months ago, before Mother's Day, since I can recall working on them at the Speaking of Women's Health event at Wally-work. Just a couple of easy, pretty and fast cards!
We went to DH's company picnic this afternoon. It was nice to visit with the guys he works with and their families. DH works for Creative Pultrusions in Pleasantville. (Hi Joyce! Hi Carolyn!) The food was yummy (wish I could remember the name of the caterer!) Hubby got an embroidered fleece blanket, a mini led flashlight and he won a $25 Sheetz card. Pretty good afternoon!
Travis is doing ok. He pitched a pretty big fit when we wouldn't let him take his splint off and go in the pool today. Other than that he is like a bull in a china shop on those crutches and we are constantly reminding him to prop it up and ice it. Blogger is being a BUTT and I am frustrated, so for now I am signing off, take care!


Babs said...

Love the cards! Hey my hubby's best friend works there too - he's twin (Dusty Troutman). Joyce and I discussed this - HA! His brother Dana owns a restaurant and does catering - maybe he catered it. I can't recall his business name but have heard he has great food! Anyway...small world. I didn't know that is where your hubby worked! Glad you had fun at the picnic! And I have to laugh at the pool fit thing! It reminds me of when Karlee had her cast on her arm - at the start of summer! Tell him at least he doesn't have to wait 2 months before swimming - like she did! :-) And that summer was one of the hottest on record! And needless to say she was very active and boy did that thing have an odor to it! Yeck! Poor Travis...but he'll be hopping around real soon I'm sure!