Wednesday, July 09, 2008

That is the official word from the orthopedic specialist. Although, she was not certain that it was, she felt it best to treat it as one. Travis has an air cast on for two weeks, more resting it, elevating it, putting ice on it and doing some easy movements with it. She did tell him was allowed to take it off and go in the pool, but no jumping in and no weight on it getting out. After that he goes for a re-check. Dr. Sullivan said four to six weeks in the cast with crutches and then some PT if it is healing well.
It is not looking so good for the Idlewild trip on Friday though. Summer camp is likely out too, at
least the one that he likes to go to. They hike on the Laurel Highland trail for a couple of days and then go rafting on the Yough. We are looking in to some other options... wish us some luck!
Anybody going to the Stamp Scrap Art Tour Rubber Stamp Show in Monroeville this weekend? If you go, don't forget to also travel into the city to Stamp Fanci, she has a great sale going on in the back room.
I am also working up a pretty good work related check back! LOL!
Take care!