Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where Have I Been???

Another first for me. A card for the loss of a pet. This pet was for certain more of a child than anything... loved, doted on, never left at home alone for very long. She was a good old pup! Celebrated her Sweet 16 Birthday last year with a great big party which I made the cake for!
This post is mostly for my BS1 & BS2 who have been missing my blog apparently, since they have both reminded me it has been a while since I last blogged. The sad honest truth is that Facebook has made me her b*$%*! I can't stay off of it and it is seriously taking up too much of my time! Between FB and stalking the daily gallery on SCS I have little time for other pursuits! Ladies get me in line here... it is time for an intervention! LOL!
I did go to St. Andrews and help my friend Barb with her CM vendor booth and I am working on my own Christmas cards!!! That has me super happy since I am usually so very last minute about it all.
Things are moving along for the crop. Estimated registration is at about 40 right now. I am working on menu stuff and seating stuff and goodie bag stuff and make and take stuff. (I feel like the Snapple commercial... Look at this STUFF!)
Hubby is planning a short trip to North Carolina at the end of the month for a visit with his Dad and Step-mom and Step-brother. Dad has Alzheimer's and it is important for him to get this visit in while Dad is still in relatively good mental health. He would like to take T with him, but we are not sure his mother will allow it. Some prayers in that area would be appreciated.
Hopefully that catches you up on my world... oh yeah, I am still working at the BIG W, too! The other project I have been working on is moving the 500 or so blogs that I have bookmarked into my GoogleReader so they are easier to read! That is taking some time! LOL!
Take care!


Babs said...

She's alive in the blogging world! :-) This is a cute card and I am sure it will be appreciated. I know how addicting FB can sucks you right in!!!!!!! Don't play farmville - that is my new addiction. The house could blow up around me while I'm playing that! Don't you love Mish's new PT set to coordinate with her notebooks! Oh how I want it!

Anonymous said...

Missy, where are you??????BS2