Tuesday, June 09, 2009

more grad cards

Made these for my mom, she needed several so I made 2 tall and 2 wide of this design. The stamped image on the front is made from two separate stamps, the achievement stamp is wood mounted $1 from JoAnn's I think and the cap is from a $1 acrylic set. I used my "homemade" pattern paper in a "generic" Shade High School Class of 2009 design. Ribbon was from my immense stash. (I am such a ribbon Ho!)
Life has been happening here as well. Some good, some bad, some sad. I finished a six day work stretch. The hot water heater broke and needed replaced, the car broke down and I was stranded on a road with HEAVY big truck traffic, my 9 month old niece and no cell phone service. I am not sure if I had announced on here that I was to be an Auntie again, but sadly that is not to be. My brother's baby was born very early and died the same day and we are heartsick about that. So, how about some good.. we are still going on our trip to North Carolina next month to visit with DH's family. This will be the first that Travis will have visited this Grandpa since we was a very tiny baby. Looking forward to relaxing and enjoying a good time.
Hope to post up some projects from a workshop that I attended on Sunday with my BS2, Sharon. We had a great time and made some too cute things!
Take care!


Amy said...

Glad I was off and came to you and Kya's rescue last week. :)