Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another FUN wedding!!

I just want to say first of all that I love hunky weddings and I had a combo redneck-hunky wedding myself. I do not think that hunky is a bad or negative thing and I really enjoy a good hunky wedding! People who did not grow up in this part of the country are normally clueless about these traditions, so read on learn.
For those of you who don't know what a good hunky wedding is let me give some examples... one of the ladies who was preparing the food for this wedding said her son calls it a Chicki-Piggy-Rigi wedding... LOL! ( Chicken, Pigs in the blanket, & Rigatoni are practically always on the menu and occasionally there is also Ham on the menu.) When DH & were planning our wedding he wanted input on two things... the type of beer we were serving and the food, every other decision was mine to make. We had Coors Light and MGD and ham, pigs and rigs and I wanted chicken, too.
There is usually some tapping (or banging) on the tables that lets the newlyweds know that you would like to see them kiss. My DH hated this and still finds it quite annoying when we attend weddings. I think it is rather fun and harmless.
Other necessary components of a good hunky wedding include the chicken dance, polka music, and cookies. Probably the biggest indicator that you are at a hunky wedding is a specific polka, the Bridal Polka, where the guests line up drop some $$ in a satin bag or apron worn by the Maid of Honor give the Bride a spin or two and then down a shot and get a piece of napkin wrapped wedding cake to enjoy for breakfast the next morning. There are tales that if you are a single woman you should sleep with the cake under your pillow and you will dream of your future husband.... interesting theory that I never personally tested out. After all the guests dance with the Bride they form a circle around her and try to keep the Groom from getting to her. Usually fun, a bit crowded and as long as it doesn't go on for too long not so bad.
I was the cake decorator for the above wedding cake from the wonderful wedding this past weekend. I want to let the wonderful hunky ladies who made the delicious food we had that they were just too much fun and that I loved their presentation!
I think I covered the major points of a good hunky wedding. Let a comment to remind me if I forgot something! Take care!


CB from BG said...

I am hunky born & breed....and you're making me hungry!!!!
When I moved over the mountain to this side years ago, my friend called me "hunky" from day one and still yells it 20+ years later.

Babs said...

Gosh I could eat some of that cake right now! There's nothing better than almond-flavored wedding cake icing! YUMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
ps - I was born in Jrome (aka Jerome), lived in "West" Boswell and now reside in Cow Country as my former co-workers said. I hang my clothes outside on the line and according to my mom - that makes me a hunky! :-) Fine by me - we're good people!

Anonymous said...

love your description of the hunky wedding!! i think all the weddings i have been to have been hunky.....was even in one a long time ago.
love the new blogs you added to your blog....favorite one is Diana Gibbs. glad to see you like the craftiblog, too.