Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Shameless Bribe from a BAD BLOGGER!

I am not above bribing... Giving away these stamps and ribbons to my faithful followers. Thanks for sticking around while I recuperated and got some of my creative Mojo back. All you have to do is let a comment on this post to let me know you are still out there. I will draw a winner on Friday, January 23. Thanks for hanging out with me!
Crop registrations are starting to arrive! YEAH!!! Can't wait to see you all there! We will be in the dining hall again this time. I have four great vendors lined up, Grove's of Huntingdon, Scrapbooks by Inches, and Creative Memories and Sharon's Handmade Cards!
My first weekly feature is going to be "Friends on Friday" so if you are a non-blogging friend I would LOVE to SHOWCASE YOUR CREATION on an upcoming Friday. Just email me a scan or photo of card or page that you made and I will post it up. I have some of the most talented friends out there, so I know there will be lots of great things to post!
I am feeling much better, just the tiniest bit of a sore throat remains. One final thought---


Barb said...

First, glad you are feeling better and back to blogging! Although if you start doing this regularly then I will too! I think I was beginning to like it that someone else blogged montly like me! :-) The pressure is on! Sounds like you have some great vendors for the crop! Dining hall...I'll have to email that the original crop room or that warehouse type room? Anyway - I am sure it will be great as always!
Take Care

Anonymous said...

glad to have you back, as usual!i don't like it when my friends are sick. am looking forward to the next crop.....must get started on some cards! April will be here before we know it.....glad to have you back!!
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this comes multiple times for some reason it keeps kicking me out when I try to do a comment.
Lets try again....

Barb - Bedford Gal said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better. What a great day to stay inside and watch the Steelers Stomp the Ravens!

emmysue said...

So glad that your back. Missed you! Had a great time yesterday. Seems like we haven't seen each other in forever. I posted today, I'm going to try and post what I made today on my blog tomorrow, so check it out.

Anonymous said...

So glad to have you BACK! That was nasty stuff going around. It's so depressing when I check the blogs and no one is updated. I check every day as soon as I get home from work - a cup of coffee and the blogs! I wonder if Becky will ever return - I'm starting to forget what she looks like.


Anonymous said...

Glad your back to full spirits!!! Can't wait for Camp Harmony I love it!!!! Let me know what ya need and what road trips we can take in preparing! Love ya Doll!