Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How Do You Like the New Look?

Just popping in quick to say hi! What do you think of the new look? I decided to go "winter" instead of Christmas, because I don't want to have to update again in a few weeks... LOL... Lazy, I know!
I got a pretty good start on the Christmas shopping this past Friday and I am working on gathering my recipes for the cookies I plan to bake this year.
DH got a deer today, a rather LARGE doe, and he still has several days of his hunting vacation to go, so there may be a buck in the future here too. He was pointing to where his second shot hit in this picture. How about your hunters? What tales from the forest are they telling this year? Sorry to anyone who is squeamish about game pics. I am just happy he got a deer this year!

Take care!


Babs said...

Love the look! I've been reading but not commenting...sorry. Once I get through Saturday (my big event) I'll feel much better. My Karlee got a button buck and Dave got a doe! He got his buck in Archery so he's working on helping Karlee get her buck. Well...glad to have you back to blogging!

Anonymous said...

congrats to DH on getting a deer! it sure will be good eating! i love the new background on your blog....would love to have some DSP like that for cardmaking! BS2

Anonymous said...

Hey finally got a few minutes to see ur blog! I love IT! I am happy hubby got a deer because he was a little upset on Monday I think. Ok well have to run to school to deliver yet another forgotten assignment. LOVE the background. Thanks for the recipe!