Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beautiful Card from my BS2!

A beautiful card in my mailbox today! This one was handmade by my BS2, Sharon (and I'm sure Aub had something in it as well!) The scan doesn't do it justice, the little berries on the holly are sparkly and the image on the front is so pretty!
Busy with work and things. I will tell you my favorite Christmas traditions though. Every year since my junior year of high school (20 years ago, OMG!) my mother has hidden jewelry on the Christmas tree for me and my sisters and Melanie to find. The other tradition I like is going to Red's on Christmas Eve. All of the great big family of cousins and kids are there and it is just nice to visit and have a good time with them!
My husband's favorite tradition is to drive me crazy with hints about my present from him and what lengths he has gone to hide it from me. Drives me absolutely nuts, I tell ya!!!
Take care!


Anonymous said...

I know what it is!!!!!! Hope all is going well! Sharon the card is wonderful!! ANGIE