Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's Get Caught Up!

Travis went back to Pittsburgh last week. The house is so quiet and there is actually food in the kitchen! LOL! We miss him so much when he is not here. How do you like his new look? I love Dad in the background, just shaking his head in disbelief. (It is just fun fur and tape.)
I fell on Friday and skinned my knee. Pretty typical of clumsy me. It is bruised and has scabs all over it. Our poor football team got beat again pretty bad on Friday night and it rained so hard at times during the game that it wasn't even funny. I worked the drink tent and was cold and wet by the time it was all done.
I did buy a cute new purse. I love the Dollar General quilted purses, they are cheap, only $8, so if I use them for one season and pitch them I don't feel bad at all. They do wash up pretty nicely though! I got a real nice fall colored one.

I am not sleeping at night right now, just getting adjusted to the routine I guess. In about two weeks I work a six day stretch, Lord help me! I just told the gals I work with to have plenty of coffee and chocolate ready for me!
I have become addicted to Mocha Joe from Burger King, so I have been working like a mad scientist and cook trying to get the formula down so I can make it at home and I think I have got it nearly figured out!
That about covers it, Take Care!


Barb said...

Love the purse! Sorry about your knee! Mocha that hot or cold? If it is hot I'll have to try it!!!!