Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone had a lovely day today, I know I did! I did not even get out of my pajamas today. I even went over to visit my Mom in my PJ's, LOL! Since I did so very little today, I will share some about yesterday...

First, the baby shower was so very nice. The Mom to Be, Shanna, is the daughter in law of our former pastor and his wife. It has been years since we have seen any of her family and they were there today and it was just so nice to see them and visit a bit and celebrate the happy occasion with them. Hopefully the baby is a girl, as they were told it should be, if not that little boy will have a ton of beautiful dresses and lots to talk to a therapist about later in his life! Really, they got so many nice gifts and we had an absolutely lovely time! We played the funniest game too... my Mom was the proud winner, she had a 7 1/2 purse. It is no wonder she has a bad back! (But she says she could live out of it for a few days if she had to!)

Both of the grandfathers bought the exact same gift which was too funny. This little girl will be a born PITTSBURGH STEELER FAN!!!! WHOOOOOWHOOOOO!!! CHEER LOUD AND CHEER PROUD!!!! GO BLACK AND GOLD!!!! (Running to hide from BS1 now!)

I have to share a bit about the location of the shower, as it was the first time I had ever been there. If you are from around here, then you know all about the past life of the location, then called the Casa Nova. It is now Beka House and it is simply an incredibly warm and cozy place to host a small gathering. The food was delicious and beautifully presented! The menu was chicken stuffed pastries, salad, homemade potato soup, and fresh fruit. The folks that own and operate it are just so sweet as well.
Our Mother Daughter Banquet was quite lovely too! We had a delicious meal and played a few games. (Have you ever tried to open a pack of gum, unwrap a piece and put it in your mouth with garden gloves on... I didn't think so!) Apparently the need to live out of a heavy purse is hereditary, because my sister Lynnette won the contest at the banquet with a 10 pounder.
Hope all is well with you all... Take care!


Babs said...

I'm having a hard time visiting your blog now with that black and gold thing showing up! My eyes are burning....
(Which now stands for Blue & Silver #1 - always and forever...Go COWBOYS!) :-)