Sunday, May 04, 2008

1989... seems like forever ago... My senior prom... my date, my friend Greg. I asked him to take me, he wasn't from around here. When he said yes I was thrilled to say the least. If I recall correctly, right after hanging up the phone my cousin Patty and I had a screaming -hugging -jumping up and down celebration in the kitchen. You have to also know that this was back in the "olden days" when you did not go to your prom "stag" or with your gal pals, it was a couples only event. We had been friends for about four years. He really went out of his way for me, as he did not live close by and really would not know anyone but me at my prom. He was a sweet guy too. It was raining and he was thoughtful enough to drop me at the door and even opened my car door. (Chivalry is really on it's last breath these days, unfortunately!)
I wasn't the popular girl in High School, I wouldn't go back to those days for a million dollars. I had two really close friends, Lee and Trisia. We had several classes together and ate lunch together every day. Typical high school, pretty much. I was quite active in the Western PA District Church of the Brethren and in their Youth Choir. That is where Greg and I became friends. You do get to know a person when you travel by car/bus with them from PA to New York City to Washington, DC and back again to PA.
Okay, so let me get to my point here. Unpopular gal in high school has a real cute guy for a prom date and he is sweet and a stranger to everyone else. Several of the girls want to dance with him, but he politely declines, since he is MY date. He doesn't even bat an eye when the prime rib arrives and it is pretty much rare, which is how it is served, but what do a bunch of kids know about that. We have a good laugh, enjoy our barely cooked beef while everyone else is grossed out and sends theirs back to be cooked to well done, or they attempt to cook it over the candles in the centerpieces. (How absolutely HICK is that?) Some other random details... my dress was Deep Purple satin, tea length, hand made by my Aunt Janet, who has made nearly every formal gown I have ever worn. Flowers were black and purple. Our theme was "Wonderful Tonight" and it is still one of my all time favorite songs. Prom was held at Hidden Valley Resort.
I know that Greg is now married. Haven't seen or talked to him in years, haven't thought much about him either. On the rare occasion I do see his parents and inquire about him. I think that his wedding anniversary is the same as my sisters. I am blessed to have had such a sweet prom date who made a shy girl feel like the belle of the ball for one evening. I could probably do one of those Master card ads, Dress $$$, Flowers $$$, having the best date at the prom, Priceless! The only person I would have rather gone to prom with is my DH, but I met him about 11 years too late for that! (He gets to go to the class reunions, LOL!!)
All this prom flashback is due to the fact that my baby sister's senior prom was yesterday. She wasn't even born when I was at my senior prom. Where does the time go??? I will likely have a picture or two to post of her, since she took about 200 of them. GabbyAbby looked lovely, who knew she would clean up so nice?
Stay tuned, I will likely have more flashbacks since while I was hunting the prom photo I found some senior pictures, graduation pics, and some other not so flattering evidence that I am a child of the 80's!
I can't believe I am actually posting this.... here goes.....
Take care!


Anonymous said...

hi Missy......
we didn't win.....boohoo. i can't be mad at Connie, tho (she is really a nice person!)
i love your prom dress. a beautiful color; you looked beautiful! i never did go to my prom (altho i did have a sorta-boyfriend), but i didn't know how to dance and didn't want to make a fool of myself! it seems strange to hear you call yourself a child of the 80's, cause i was a child of the 60's! bah-humbug!

CB from BG said...

Wow - prom reminiscencing...
Oh the memories, oh the feelings, and oh the butterflies that brings back. Thanks for the injection of youth tingles!!!
Love the purple & the cutie!
Go Eighties!!!
Tina - BG
[Class of 87]

Babs said...

The 80s! Those were good years - I loved every minute! Very pretty dress - you looked great!
(Class of 87 is Heaven ... HA - that is what we always said)