Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Old One, but a Favorite!
Just checking in to see if everyone is still warm and cozy, inspite of the weather. I have spent the past couple of days pretty much chained to the house, keeping after the coal furnace to keep my house toasty. Looks like some snow is coming this evening, I guess that is okay, since it had to warm up some for it to snow.
This is one of my most favorite cards I have ever made, but man did it take some time to make it! It is stamped 3 times, watercolored, cut apart and layered with foam tape. The scan just doesn't do it justice. It is the only card like this that I have made.
I am getting anxious for the St. Andrew School Crop coming up in about two weeks! I am planning some projects and hoping to minimize the amount of CRAP that I have to tote along with me. Can't wait to visit with gals from CPS, too! St. Andrew School crop is also well known for their fantastic meals! All of that uninterrupted cropping time is wonderful and when you add the good food, it doesn't get any better!
Someone needs to kick my rear in gear too! I got my Cricut for Christmas and would you believe I have not used it yet???
Take care!


Anonymous said...

Girl - bring that Cricut to the crop at St. Andrews! I'm bringing mine and I'll get you started! I plan on using mine quite a bit there actually! I am now drooling over the Cricut - it amazing! Dream a little dream!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my Cricut!!! I find that it's best used with the new software and my computer. I have made a few titles for pages and I have just played a bit. Eric bought me the inks but I haven't tried them yet. Stay warm-