Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE my Cuttlebug?

These two were made using the "YOU" embossing folder for the Cuttlebug. So FAST, so EASY!!
Just zip the white sheet through, zip the red scrap through, ink it up, pop dot the red one on top and to quote my 4 year old nephew Tyler "VIOLA!" Love it!
Been rearranging some furniture here at home. I have alot of mis-match, came with the house pieces that I am working with to make them more functional. I moved the antique sewing machine table behind the sofa and it works perfectly back there! It is just the right height and size. We also moved a quilt chest, quite rustic in style to the kitchen door area. It will be for seating and storage in our coat hanging area. This house is full of furniture and it has been very challenging trying to make it all fit and work together and be functional all at the same time. It is coming together a little bit at a time. I have quite a sentimental connection to the things in this house since they belonged to my grandparents. Bless my DH for putting up with my need to hang onto it all, since we have a rather small two bed, one bath house.
Stopped in at Camp Harmony today as well. I wanted to firm up some calendar dates for some upcoming events. Mark your calendar ladies, we are planning a "Carding Bee" for June 14 and the Fall Camp Crop is on the calendar for November 8. I had really hoped to do "Christmas (Cards) in July", but July is just tooooo full of family reunions and other events, so we went to June for the Card event.
Take care!


Anonymous said...

What is a "Carding Bee"???

Tina of Bedford