Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's All About Love!

With Valentine's Day this week I thought I would share some of the things that I love. Paper tearing is one of the techniques I love best! The bear in the picture is a little Valentine bear that I taught at my CMC’s January crop.

The pattern came from the book The Tear Necessities. It has easy to follow directions, tips and patterns for every piece of tear art in the book! Plus you get several sheets of double sided card stock to practice with.

Tear bears are so easy to make and they are absolutely adorable. Best of all the are not expensive! You need no special tools, just paper, adhesive, pencil, chalk or ink if you like and your own two hands!


Anonymous said...

just love those little ole tear bears!am still "waiting" for the book, and i might find it somewhere along the line! am planning to go to the cancer crop; can't wait to see what make-it,take-it you are having. sorry we couldn't hang out last Sat.; stop by on one of your Fridays off. i am in the mood for some good cropping and fellowship. talk soon.....Sharon

Anonymous said...

Nice tear bear project, Missy! Love your blog. Hope I can make it to the Cancer crop. I'm sure you'll have a great make n' take!