Friday, July 10, 2009


Just wanted to update you on today. There was no ruling on custody.
In Allegheny County parents are required to go to Generations for mandatory education and family conflict mediation and attempt to come to a custody agreement with the help of a mediator. If that cannot be done then we go back to the judge and she makes a decision based on the mediators recommendation and other available information about the case. We will get a date for the education/mediation some time this week.
Thanks everyone for the prayers, it was a tense and stressful day and I know that your prayers made a difference.
It is good to be home. We had a long day, but there were some good things. I think that T's Mom finally gets that he is serious about wanting to live down here. We got to see Melanie and have a late lunch with her. T & I bought a sudoku book to help pass the time today and I finished my first one before I had erased a hole in the page and before it caused me to have a stroke. LOL!
Thanks again! It is good to have friends to lean on and give us encouragement!
Take care!