Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Found the Kitchen Table...

and promptly covered it with paper, punches, stamps and inks! There was important crafting to be done! My cousin Amy's daughter Megan is graduating and we were working on her party invites!

The pattern background paper was custom made by me on the computer. It has Megan's name on it, 2009, and the name of the school. It was super easy to make and I love that it makes her invites so completely personalized for her!
To make your own paper all you need to do is open a word document and choose a font. Type in your line of text. Change text to any colors that go with your scheme... ours was blue and gold, the school colors. Then comes the easy part... highlight text, right click, copy and paste, paste, paste until you get a nice couple lines worth. Then rehighlight (or edit and select all) and paste, paste, paste again until you fill the page! I made my page set up for landscape and set the margins at 1/2 inch all around with no headers or footers so the page would be pretty full. If you don't want an entire page though, you could just insert a text box on the blank page and fill it up instead. Did I make that all clear as mud??
I made some pages with just the school name and Class of 2009 on it as well to use on cards for some graduates.
Glad to be crafting again!
Take care!