Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Out with the Snowmen, in with the posies!

So it has been a little while since I have posted. Been busy and been sick. That about sums it up!

I can give you a few more details... I have been working. As a matter of fact I go back to work tonight for SEVEN nights in a row. YIKESSSS!!!! That is just craziness!!
I was at a crop this past weekend coordinated by my friend Lori. Her group is called Crop Circles! Pretty nifty name. She had about 45 ladies from PA, MD, VA and I think someone came from as far as Colorado. We were at the Arena in Bedford. I had a wonderful time (Except for the being sick part, which I will get to in just a minute.) I taught two make and takes, a mini-tin accordion album and the Dahlia fold page. As usual the Dahlia fold was a HUGE hit and the mini-tin was pretty good too.
My BS2 joined me there on Saturday and we had a wonderful day of making some cards. I have some to post up later on this week. (Just don't take me to McD's for Cinnamon Melts, cause you will learn more about me than you want to, right Sharon and Aub?)
Now to the sick part... You know, last time I was sick, back in January I was nice and kept it to myself. I didn't share it with anyone. Too bad my DH couldn't do the same for me. He got sick and then I got sick. Apparently it starts in the head/sinuses and moves south... from the looks of it I am at phase 2, congested chest and coughing my darn head nearly off. He is at the don't get too far from the bathroom phase... probably TMI, but oh well... you came here!
More later, glad to be back! Take care!


Anonymous said...

i love your new page, but why is it PURPLE????? lol we sure enjoyed the crop.....even supper at Mickey D's! we love you, Missy, even when you rant and rave.LOL! hope you are feeling better......BS2