Sunday, March 16, 2008

HEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! It has been a little while since I last blogged... we were having some issues with the computer, but that is all taken care of now, so hopefully I will be more on top of the blogging around here!
Just because I have been away from the keyboard doesn't mean I haven't been crafting though! How about this cute little bright ray of sunshine! The stamps are Studio G from Michael's (surprise! LOL!) I used a sweet little button over the sun and some teensy tiny googly eyes on top of the button... it is a bit on the lumpy side, but sooooo stinkin' cute! The verse and the sunshine are water colored.
It was a busy month for such a short month. It took me and my Mom working hours and hours and days and days and weeks and weeks to close out my Grandmothers apartment. I have no idea how she got alllllllll of the stuff that we hauled out of there into that little apartment. It was down to the wire on it, finished the day before we had to turn in the keys.
I have also been busy with preparations for the crop which is just around the corner!
April 12 at Camp Harmony
9 AM to 9PM
Drop me a comment or email if you need more info!
We have about 21 confirmed registrations and I know that at least that many more people have said they are coming but haven't sent their registrations in yet.
So hey, hopefully you are all still out there and thanks for hanging around waiting for me to come back. Drop me a comment and tell me what you have been up to so I know you all are still there!
Take care!


Anonymous said...

There you are!!!
Sunny card it too cute.
Can't wait for Camp Harmony!
Tina from Bedford

Anonymous said...

i knew you'd be back! love that springy card...........surely spring is right around the corner! am impatiently waiting for the crop......seems like it has been forever! am still carding like crazy.....can't wait til the carding day in June. lots of good things to look forward to!! later....................BS2

Anonymous said...

Hey Missy!
Glad you are back. I liked seeing the spring card! I am anxious for summer. I'm excited for the crop. As you know, I've been kicked in the butt by pneumonia and I can't wait to be healthy again! But...I have been doing some crafting and scrapping! My Disney album is coming along nicely! See you in April!

Kim said...

Awesome card. Love the colors.