Sunday, July 15, 2007

I have been a bad blogger! Sorry BS #1 and BS #2...
Blame it on nice summer weather, blame it on a terrible work schedule at my real job, general laziness or busy-ness in my life... just not so bloggy lately. I really haven't had any new projects going on as of later either, so that contributes as well!
Been trying a new system for organizing my ribbons and buttons and clear unmounted stamps that are not CTMH brand. I think that I don't use them as much as I could because I don't see them when they are in boxes and baskets, sooooo I got some pint canning jars and sorted out the buttons by color. (Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue-ish, Dark Blues, Purples, Tans/Creams/Browns, White/Clear, & Black.) The jars were pretty inexpensive, less than $7 for a case of 12. I actually have some of them half full, didn't even realize how many buttons I have! I am thinking about storing some of my other lumpy embellies in jars as well.
Ribbons are in jars now too, one gallon plastic ones made by Rubbermaid from the housewares dept at your friendly Wal-mart store ($2.61 each.) I need to get some more of them, so don't run out and buy them all up! I cleared my big ribbon basket out into the jars and put some theme ribbons in drawers with other like things. I feel much better about how the ribbon is now!
The clear stamp storage is not my own idea. I am storing them in clear CD cases and it is working very well! I even saw a tip somewhere that you can use the outside of the case as the "block" for stamping! Love the practicality of that idea!
Take care ladies! Hopefully I am a better blogger this week!
By the way... I get the super wife award today! Went to Pittsburgh to the Fire and EMS Expo with my DH and DSS. Not quite my bag, but it was a good family day. We had lunch at Primanti Brothers in the Strip District, YUMMMMMM! Roast beef and cheese is my favorite. Travis had his first big old Sammich and he finished it all! We also visited Monroeville Fire and Rescue EMS Station 4, where one of our friends is on staff. We got to tour the firehouse and see all of their newer and fancier apparatus. Nothing funnier than watching a bunch of grown men act like little kids climbing in and out and off of the trucks and sliding down the pole!


Anonymous said...

glad you are back! Missy, Missy!! where did you get the cd cases that worked? do you know something that i don't?? i was sure that the ones i got wouldn't work because of the imprinted circle. the jars idea is a good one; i have some of my stuff in some old antique canning jars. later......BS#2