Sunday, March 04, 2007

Crop-a-diles and Cheetahs!
It's a jungle in here!

These were a Christmas gift from my chicksa Jody! I just love them both! I didn't want to post about them until after I gave her Christmas gifts to her, which I did last evening.
March is the appropriate time of year for Chicksa Christmas celebrations at the Olive Garden in Greensburg!

The Cheetah is a
Xyron adhesive dispenser that gives a two inch wide run of permanent adhesive. Great for covering those large areas quickly!

My Crop-a-dile is absolutely the best hole punch and snap/eyelet setting tool ever! It has been around for a little while now and is made by We R Memory Keepers. Mine is the pink one, but it is also available in LIME green now! It absolutely silent, punches through chipboard like it was tissue paper and set all kinds of snaps and eyelets. I like that there are no "extra" parts to keep track of and the other feature that I like is that the it punches two sizes of holes and there is a depth gauge so if you are punching a bunch of holes in a row you just set it and punch away!

When Jody gave me my gifts before regular Christmas we were enjoying a soup/salad/breadsticks lunch at the
Olive Garden. Our waiter was quite adorable and when we were leaving he told me to enjoy my can opener (aka the crop-a-dile!) He is studying to be a surgeon, hopefully he has a better eye for surgical implements!

Check back this week, I used my toys to make Jody's gifts and I will be posting them here!


Anonymous said...

You are going to love the Crop-A-Dile. I have one and LOVE it. It punches through anything. I use it all the time. It is definitely a must-have for every scrapbooker/cardmaker.
Barb M.